As you might have noticed, The Other Computer has changed quite a bit!

Most of the code underlying the website was rewritten. Previously the website was implemented with JavaScript and Gatsby, but the Gatsby framework kept changing at a fast pace, deprecating many of the things my website relied on. I got tired of updating things, and fell back to the old reliable, Hugo.

Initially I converted all my old styling information to the new website, but got kind of tired of how the site looked, and I switched to the Hello Friend theme by panr. It looks pretty nice and just works. I did have to do some modifications to integrate the photo gallery and such to the site, but it was a one-day job after struggling for weeks with converting the old styles.

Some things are still rough around the edges, but I am getting there. Hopefully I will now find it easier to write new content here as well. The astrophotography season is starting here in Finland, so at least new photos are coming soon!